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Watching: In the Flesh s2

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Reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen

anyone can become a killer for the right price because when it comes down to it, everyone can be corrupted by money.


Merlin Cast Fest
Bradley James Week→ Day Two: Bradley + Twitter

I just started on Twitter because someone was pretending to be me, which was really annoying. The worst thing about it was that during the [football] World Cup, they predicted that Uruguay were going to win, which was ridiculous! I was like: Right, that’s it, I’m getting on Twitter. Having people think that my football judgement was so poor was offensive and so I had to put the record straight. I’m now @bradleyjames on Twitter. We’ll see how long that lasts before the vast amount of crazy messages I receive scares me away.


There’s a powerful wand which, uh, I came to possess. Anyway, legend says, it can recreate any magic that’s ever been wielded.

Happy 32nd Birthday Billie Piper! ♥ (22nd September 1982)

Say something I’m giving up on you…


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